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Rolling the bulletPirates & The TreasureThe Returning ExplorerWhich Switch?Lucky CandyAll Girls World?Tigers & The SheepDuck & FoxThe Plane in the WindBurning CordsPair of SocksAntipodal pointsHalf TimeMonty Hall ProblemPrisoner's HatKnight and KnaveWater & Wine100 Light bulbsUnBiased coinYou have a train to catch!2 Eggse^Pi or Pi^eShooting in CircleInvisible DiceDaughter or SonDark Room DeckCheating HusbandsFather of liesDevil's PennyWitches at the coffee shopPoisonous wineDrunk PassengerStick to TriangleRabbit on the StaircaseSharing WoodInfinity & BeyondChuck a LuckMULTILINGUALGuess the TossPattern on SnowflakesKing's SalaryCounting on friendsRandom RatioSecond ChanceInnocent MonkeyConsecutive HeadsChess TournamentNumber of Double HeadsBreaking StickPrisoner's Hat (multicolor)Rainbow Hats2 Equations & 3 Unknowns Domino CoveringFruit MagicCatching AntsColor ComplexLight Bulbs in circleChocolate BarDead Men WalkingSquare InfectionColored Runs of CardsDrunk AntDistance from North PoleExpected Breakup LengthMessing with EnvelopsCollecting Lucky couponsThe NoodlesDistinct Number DrawsGreed for an ACERandom point on diskEnclosing The CenterSum To OneRandom WalkLeft Some CandiesCatching the SubmarineCatching the SpyPure GoldGame of DivisorsCounter StrikeSharing a SecretWeights ReckoningGas Stations on Circular TrekBricking BoxTo Begin or Not to begin?Crazy PostmanSingle BidWaiting for a TruckThe Blind ArcherBullets of FateClan SizeMin & MaxPrisoner's Hat (Infinity)Crazy ClockCandy GameOverlapping CoinsScaling a SquareConsecutive sumsIntersecting PillarsWeird SequencesColor Switches


Brainstellar gives step-wise approach to interview puzzles and written tests for analytics and Quant jobs. The puzzles are divided into various albums: Easy, Medium, Hard, Probability, Discrete Maths, Strategy puzzles and General Tricks. In each album the puzzles start from easy to difficult level. Even in easy puzzles album, puzzles are sorted in a conceptual way. Every puzzle is unique and logical, requiring minimal calculations.

Easy level covers all common puzzles asked in technical interviews. Select medium or hard level to prepare for quant interviews, or written puzzle test.

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