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Hard Probability

You are given an urn with 100 balls (50 black and 50 white). You pick balls from urn one by one without replacements until all the balls are out. A black followed by a white or a white followed by a black is "a colour change". Calculate the expected number of colour changes if the balls are being picked randomly from the urn.

Source: Placement test
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Brainstellar gives step-wise approach to interview puzzles and written tests for analytics and Quant jobs. The puzzles are divided into various albums: Easy, Medium, Hard, Probability, Discrete Maths, Strategy puzzles and General Tricks. In each album the puzzles start from easy to difficult level. Even in easy puzzles album, puzzles are sorted in a conceptual way. Every puzzle is unique and logical, requiring minimal calculations.

Easy level covers all common puzzles asked in technical interviews. Select medium or hard level to prepare for quant interviews, or written puzzle test.

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